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Client Testimonials

When I "walked" (more like hobbled) into the office the first time I was in so much pain I was afraid to be touched. I only went on the urging of my boss after a trip to the ER proved worthless. All they did was throw drugs at me that I wasn't comfortable taking (8 weeks pregnant). Dr. Monica isolated my problem almost instantly and the relief I received on just that first visit was amazing. I was able to go back to work the next day. I didn't have to take any of the prescription medication I had been given. After my second visit my pain went from a 10 (seriously worse than labor) to a 2. I can not recommend her enough!!!

Jessica R

So far, so good! I had a great first visit and feel like someone is finally listening to me and treating my whole body vs symptom management!! Can't wait for appointment #2!

Bethany S. 8/26/15

I have been going to this practice for almost 5 years. The Doctors are amazing and they treat the whole person not just the problem. I have referred friends here before and I will keep doing so because the care you receive is of the highest quality.

Katie H. 8/13/15

Always a joy to visit Dr Lindsey when I'm in town! The staff are warm and highly competent, the space is peaceful, and I always leave feeling refreshed and cared for.

Jessica E.

Best chiropractic and massage therapy care I've ever received done by knowledgeable and gentle providers. Thanks for helping me stay flexible and healthy!

Patrick B.

When I moved to Grand Rapids I was having a lot of health issues that were seemingly unsolvable. I heard of Gaslight Family Chiropractic and decided to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did. My life has completely changed for the better because of Dr. Lindsay's help. I would definitely recommend Gaslight Family Chiropractic to anyone. Not only is their care top notch, but they are the nicest people who truly care about your well-being. They will work with you to achieve your health and wellness goals!

Amy K.

Very thankful for Gaslight Family Chiropractic and for Dr. Lindsay Rademacher. Thank you for all that you do :)

Mary N.

Great place! Was my first time with ANY chiropractic center and they made it calm and enjoyable. Thank you!


Gaslight Family has treated me . . . well, like family. My schedule is often at the whim of my clients and so I often call with short notice (sometimes same day or within 24 or 48 hours) for an appointment. While this is not the best way for me to manage my health they always treat me with respect and understanding. It is appreciated on my end. That's to say nothing of the actual services they provide. The office is clean and inviting and the doctors have a great touch and feel for chiropractic work. I've tried a few chiropractors and this is a great home for me.

Omar F.

Gaslight Family Chiropractic is the best thing that happened to me! I went into my first appointment thinking that my back was fine; I was just worried about my hip. Boy, was I wrong! After an adjustment to my back, I felt like a new person! But that's not the best part. My hip was giving me significant pain, even causing a limp on a daily basis. My physician couldn't figure out the pain, but Dr. Monica did! A simple heel lift and I now have no pain! I've become a Gaslight Family Chiropractic pusher, recommending it to anyone who will listen. I'm so thankful for Gaslight Family Chiropractic!


Before I met Dr. Monica I was a classic Chiro skeptic, thinking that the miracles others spoke of were embellished or exaggerated. I'm here to say that after visiting Gaslight Chiropractic I am a Chiro convert!
I was greeted with the most amazing, tranquil lavender smell walking up to the front door- seriously, I could actually smell it down the hallway, relaxing me. Once settled in the office, Dr. Monica gathered a complete assessment of my ailments and what led me to seek chiropractic care. After going through a few tests, she located the source of my complaints and realigned me with a satisfying crack. My headaches improved after just one visit and my other conditions have measurably decreased in severity with follow up appointments.

I have been happy with the care, listening, and attention to me as a patient and as a person. One particular characteristic that really impressed me is Dr. Monica's commitment to not "over align" a patient. We work together to schedule appointments at appropriate intervals to meet my needs. The office keeps evening hours to fit my schedule and offers massages and other forms of wellness care as well. An especially nice feature is they accept my insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield).

Obviously, everyone's health needs are different so get in for an appointment to see how they can help you. Hopefully you'll be a Chiro convert like I am!

Amanda L.

I have been going to chiropractors on and off for years for lower back issues. I had a recent flare up and needed a great practice (we recently moved to the area). Within 3 weeks my symptoms are virtually gone and I am learning about supplemental nutrition and homeopathic alternatives. Not only do I feel significantly better, but I'm enlightened. The compassionate and genuine approach along with the knowledge and care to help me have been tremendous. I really appreciated Dr Monica accommodating my schedule to come in early to see me the first visit when I was in such dire pain. She's even helped me with my headaches and head cold. Dr. Lindsay is phenomenal as well and has helped me uncover some other things to work on - I've had the pleasure of benefiting from both of them and enjoy the fact that I am working with both of them in a cohesive, holistic practice. Their approach, knowledge, care and expertise come shining through during every visit! This experience has been a game changer and I won't go to anyone else. I'm in great hands here, literally and trust I'm in great care!

Amy V.

Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Monica are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We love the family-friendly environment as well as how fantastic we feel after our appointments!

Traci M.

I can't say enough positive things about this office and the people who work there! I took advantage of their expertise in nutrition on top of regular chiropractic care and it has been life changing! I no longer take any prescription medication and rarely go to see my primary care physician now. Dr. Monica and Dr. Lindsay genuinely care about your well being! Plus they now have a massage therapist...super great bonus!!

Erica D.

Dr. Monica is great at what she does. Love this place. Everyone is extremely friendly and I leave feeling great every time.

Katie B.

"Dr. Rademacher has a wonderful practice. She spends quality time with her patients and really gets to the root of issues. I have been a patient at 2 other offices in the area and hers is by far the best in individualized patient care! High quality service, squeaky-clean environment, and friendly staff make this place amazing."

Michelle M.

Massages are fantastic! They actually listen to you & find your trouble spots!

CJ DeVries

"Dr. Rademacher is an amazing healer who integrates multiple techniques to get her patients better. I have been blessed to have been healed by her many times over the years. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is injured and in need of quality service."

Dr. Dave S , colleague

"I had the best run I have had in years! My husband and I ran on the East Track and I was faster and felt better than I have in a long time. I also felt great after my run. The only thing I have changed was getting a couple chiropractic adjustments, so I attribute it to that."

Michelle K., East Grand Rapids Resident

"A few years ago I suffered from exhaustion, fatigue, and didn't have energy to do the things I love to do. I found Dr. Lindsay through a friend who is a chiropractor out of state. After beginning treatment with Dr. L., with both chiropractic and nutrition, I started to realize how bad I had really felt, because I was starting to notice significant improvement in my energy, mood, and overall well-being. I continue to improve and do not need chiropractic as much as I did initially. However, I choose to maintain my health by regular visits. I truly feel blessed that I am under Dr. Lindsay's care.I don't know what I did before chiropractic care and feel blessed to have found Dr. Lindsay at Gaslight Family Chiropractic"

Megan H. , church coordinator

Hi Sarah and Dr. Monica I have to tell you both how great I feel today. Thank you Sarah for making the extra effort to get at those tough spots. I can't believe how much better I am breathing today. I appreciate your tip about icing my back it really helped. Dr. Monica, thank you for double checking my back and making the extra adjustments needed. You really went above and beyond. I really appreciated the extra care of using the warm towels to relax my muscles. I feel so fortunate to have you both on my team!


I can't thank Dr. Lindsay enough! So far I have had great results considering how miserable I felt before she tested me (NRT). Severe digestive problems, thyroid, pancreas, all over small to large symptoms, I felt that things were not going well in my body. The greatest breakthrough came when she discovered the scars I had were interfering with the overall flow of my nervous system to heal and correct. (Simply, they sort of "short circuit" and send random messages in different directions). Through painless cold laser treatments, and application topically and internally with supplements, my digestive problems completely stopped happening all of sudden. It was amazing! Each appointment it seems the issues are resolving themselves speedily now. I am so thankful I had the courage to just do this for my health and well being. She is a good Chiropractor and very knowledgeable on what is needed and going on in our bodies. What impresses me most is Dr. Lindsay and her staff really care more about their patient than rushing you through for the quantity of patients seen. They work with you individually!! No "cookie cutter" treatment, each patient is an individual opportunity to make them well & have the best quality of life. Thank you Gaslight Family!!

Bonnie D. , now an active grandmother

Today I had my first adjustment and now I feel great. During the evaluation, I could feel the tightness in the spine as Dr. Lindsay tested different areas and now, post evaluation, my back feels really loose. For many years I suffered from headaches. I’ve done many sessions of physical therapy over the years, but those sessions don’t compare to the relief I felt today after the adjustment. I came not the office with a headache this morning and immediately after the adjustment my headache was gone

Domi A. , GVSU Student

"I am a college student and have back and shoulder pain whenever I get stressed. Dr. Lindsay's methods help relieve my pain at an affordable price."

Sharon M., College Student

"I have been helped tremendously. My back pain has lessened and by taking supplements my energy levels have improved."

Pam J., Aquinas Grad

I tell everyone about gaslight chiropractic. I feel I have better overall health because of it

Erica D.

I feel straighter and more balanced after my adjustments

Mark A.

Feeling much better, active again. Thanks for your assistance.

Drew H., active father

I feel amazing after my treatments”.

Samantha H.

They take a personalized and compassionate approach and I love the holistic side of the practice!

Amy V.