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Cold Laser Therapy

We are excited to add an advanced Cold Laser Therapy tool – Erchonia’s PL Touch – to our whole body treatment options at GFC. Erchonia Cold Lasers are known for their success in treating chronic and acute pain in various parts of the body, plantar fasciitis, post-operative pain, healing scar tissue and other ailments. Whether you are suffering from low back pain, sore knees or persistent neck stiffness, the Cold Laser treatment is a wonderful complement to the chiropractic and massage therapies offered.

The Introduction Package is $50 for 5 treatments!
Each treatment varies in length depending on the area being treated and type of pain. Sessions range from 3 – 10 minutes. Several patients have already experienced varying degrees of relief after their initial treatments.
Call to set up a treatment plan or ask the doctors here if they recommend Cold Laser for your treatment needs.

How Can a Scar be Affecting My Health?

Understanding the Nervous System

In order to realize the significance of scars, the basic functioning of the nervous system must first be understood.
The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is that part of our nervous system that operates without our conscious control directing such things as the beating of the heart, digestion, the immune response, functioning of the organs, etc. The ANS has two parts to it – the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). The SNS controls the stress response as well as active states such exercising – while the PSNS controls digestion, relaxation, and repair.

The Significance of Scars

Scars on the surface of the body from past injuries or surgeries have consistently been found to cause hidden disturbances in the functioning of the ANS as over 80% of the SNS fibers are located in the skin. Research has demonstrated that any area of the skin that heals by scar formation has increased sympathetic nerve innervation. These scars can sometimes act as capacitors that accumulate nerve energy. They can then miss-fire at will, affecting nerves, organs, or other areas of the body either nearby or distant from the site of the scar.
Clinically, we have seen many patients whose health has significantly improved date-coincident with their scars being properly treated. Such examples are a heart condition rapidly improving with treatment of a scar on the web of the hand, kidney function improving with treatment of an old appendix scar, depression improving from treatment of a C-section scar . . . .the list goes on and on and is often quite remarkable.

Treatment of Scars

Whenever an active scar is found, it must be handled properly and thoroughly in order to obtain maximum improvement of one’s health. Treatment of a scar consists of cold laser treatments as well as topical massage of wheat germ oil – both of which stimulate the healing of the skin. Some scars can be quite persistent and, if left untreated for a while, can become active again negatively affecting one’s health. The best way to avoid this is to regularly massage wheat germ oil into the scar.