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Dr. Kevin

Dr. Kevin is a graduate of Palmer College of chiropractic. He was born and raised in Paw Paw, Michigan he grew up playing soccer and wrestling. His passion for chiropractic care started in middle school when he had a sports injury and realized the vast benefits to keep athletes healthy and in peak condition.  After high school Dr. Kevin decided to follow his passion for the sciences as well as wrestling and headed to Augustana College in Illinois where he studied biology and participated on the wrestling team. He attributes chiropractic care as a critical part of his success, helping him wrestle from middle school through college without missing a single match due to injury.

Although this was not the reason Dr. Kevin decided to become a chiropractor. Starting in middle school Dr. Kevin had migraines that progressively worsened, he began visiting neurologists but was still in debilitating pain. While he was at Augustana College he was searching for a chiropractor to keep him in shape for wrestling, he then met a chiropractor who specialized in the upper cervical spine that was able to help with his migraines. For the first time he experienced significant migraine relief. At that point he pursued chiropractic so that he could help people the way that he himself had been helped. While at Palmer he specialized in upper cervical adjustments and soft tissue work.

Since graduating Dr. Kevin practiced in Kalamazoo Michigan before moving to Grand Rapids and joining Gaslight Family Chiropractic. In his spare time he enjoys hunting and fishing, running and exploring new places.